Yachting training

Skipper School

Most lucky people who have ever traveled on a yacht dream to sail again. Many of those who “fell ill with the sea” want to obtain skipper license in order to go to sea on their own.

We offer sailing training programs from our partners, Seacharter Yachting School. According to the results of training, a certificate is issued by the International school IYT, valid throughout the world.

To get acquainted with the basics of sailing a yacht or to refresh knowledge, you can watch the training videos of the Seacharter school.

Training programs:

Bareboat Skipper Sail + VHF operator

This is the most popular sailing yacht skipper training course. The international  coastal sailing license allows you to rent and goto sail on a yacht. Licenses are accepted by charter companies around the world. As part of the course, you also gain the skills of a radio operator needed to operate a yacht.

Yacht experience: not required, but welcome!

You can also get Bareboat Skipper Power permissions to drive a motor yacht.

Course content:

  • Theoretical part. You study the theory remotely, gaining access to materials, tests, and instructional videos.
  • The practical part. 7 days of intensive training on a yacht with accommodation on board. The region of study is Portoroz, Slovenia. Based on the results of the training, final tests are passed and a decision is made on the granting of rights.

The license gives the right to operate a yacht up to 60 feet, day trips, weather limit up to 6 BF, removal up to 20 miles from the port.

Course price: from 1199 euros.

Yachtmaster Coastal IYT

This is a program for experienced yachtsmen who have “grown” out of the standard coastal skipper license.
You will learn how to make long sea voyages, get the right to go day and night, and you will be ready to competently withstand weather conditions up to 8BF. From a skipper, you will turn into the Captain of a sailing ship (Yacht Master).

Yachting experience: at least 30 days and 800 nautical miles at sea, of which at least two days as a skipper, at least 12 hours of night shift.

Course Content:

  • Extensive training of the theory (navigation, tides, pilotage, voyage planning, IRPCS, etc.)
  •  Long voyage – 5 days offshore in a complex water area.

The exam consists of an oral interview and the practical part – working on a yacht during a trip. The candidate must confidently steer the yacht and crew in any proposed situations (mooring, departure from the berth, anchoring, work with sails, etc.). It is also necessary to be able to draw up a competent voyage plan, prepare the yacht and crew (including instructing crew members and guests), and much more that distinguishes a real captain (YachtMaster) from a skipper (Skipper).

The certificate entitles you to operate a yacht up to 78 feet, day and night, weather limit up to 8 BF, removal up to 60 miles from the port.

Course price: from 1150 euros.


Yachtmaster Offshore

A course for the most experienced yachtsmen.

Certificate gives you the right to operate a yacht up to 200 GT, day and night, without restrictions on weather, removal up to 150 miles from the port.

Course cost: from 2900 euros.

Family course

The course is suitable for yacht owners and yachtsmen, often vacationing on a yacht with the whole family.

Tuition: 4,000 euros for a crew of up to 5 people.

Send us an application for training, and we will send you detailed information about the course, recruitment groups and cost.

Video course

S1 "Knots and Mooring"/ "Узлы и швартовы"
S2 "Управление яхтой под мотором"
S3 "Dockside boarding"/"Швартовка лагом"
S4 "Undocking with bow spring line"/"Отход на носовом шпринге"
S5 "Sails and their operation concept"/ "Паруса и принципы их работы"
S6 "Tacking and gybe"/ "Повороты оверштаг и фордевинд"
S7 "Anchoring"/ "Постановка на якорь"
S8 "Человек за бортом"