Croatia tour


June, July, August



8 days/ 7 nights.


Muggia – Piran – Novigrad – Rovinj – Brijuni- Vrsar – Umag . 130 nm


  • Betrth in the cabin:   790 euro
  • Double cabin: 1420 euro
  • Skipper’s cabine: 1580 euro
  • Yacht rent (max 5 people):  3000 euro
  • Children less then 3 years – free of charge, from 4 till 13 years – 50% discount

Included into the price: accommodation on a yacht in a double cabin, skipper

Payment on base: 250 euro (food, berths, fuel), refundable security deposit (1 300 euros per yacht).

Extra payment: flight ticket, transfer to the marina, excursions.

Yacht: Elan 38 “Palau”

Layout: 2 double cabins, 1 triple cabin, 2 showers, kitchen, spacious company cabin, cockpit on the deck.

On board there is hot and cold water, a heating system for cabins, all the necessary equipment for rescue and navigation equipment, a fully equipped kitchen, bed linen and towels.

Yacht details


Muggia (Italy) – Piran (Slovenia) – Novigrad (Croatia) – Rovinj – Brijuni – Vrsar – Umag – Muggia

Our route passes through the Istrian peninsula, famous for its excellent conditions for relaxing on a yacht and beautiful cities. We start from the small Italian town of Muggia, where our yacht stands in Porto Dan Rocco marina. Our path lies in the Slovenian city of Piran, built in the Venetian style and rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Adriatic. Next we are waiting for Novigrad and Rovinj, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the most beautiful places on our route is Brijuni, which is considered one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia. Finally, we are waiting for two beautiful cities – Vrsar and Umag.


Day 1

Arrival to Ljubljana or Venice, transfer to Porto San Rocco marina in Muggia. Accomodation, purchase of products.

General briefing. Safety briefing and basic yacht management.

The first departure to the sea at 16.00. Transition to the city of Piran (10 nm).

A marina parking lot in the city center opposite Tartini Square.

Piran is the most picturesque city on the Slovenian coast: a small port, Tartini Square with colorful houses, a lighthouse church on the cape, narrow streets purged by the wind – you will fall in love with this town.

Worth to see:

  • Giuseppe Tartini Squar
  • St. George’s Cathedral
  • Fortress walls

    Day 2

    Departure at 10.00. Boat trip to Novigrad (15 nm).

    During the transition – training in sailing yacht management.

    Swinging mooring near the city center.

    Novigrad is a lovely Croatian town with a special atmosphere, a beautiful park, an old church and a colorful promenade.

    Worth to see:

    • Old city walls
    • Church of St. Pelagia and St. Maximus
    • Promenade and pebble beaches

    Day 3

    Departure at 10.00. Boat trip to Rovinj (15 nm).

    On the way – visiting the Limsky channel for lunch.

    Mooring on the city promenade or in the marina.

    Rovinj is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful cities in the Adriatic. The city is surrounded by a scattering of islands, where we will definitely stop for swimming and walking.

    Worth to see:

    • Church of St. Euthymius
    • City Hall and Califfi Palace
    • Old city center and promenade 

      wwSwwDay 4

      Departure at 10.00. Transition to VelikiBrijun Island (12 nm).

      Swiming mooring in a beautiful bay.

      Brijuni National Park is called a paradise on earth, it is so beautiful nature and landscapes. In the time of Yugoslavia, the residence of Tito was located here, where crowned persons and presidents gathered, and now the villas are open for visitors, and parks for walking.

      Worth to see:

      • Joseph Broz Tito Museum
      • Safari park populated by exotic animals
      • Ruins of Roman buildings

        Day 5

        Departure at 10.00. Transfer to the city of Vrsar (17 nm).

        Along the way, you can enter the Limsky Canal, where lovers can taste delicious oysters and other seafood.

        Berthing in a modern marina or anchored near the city center.

        Vrsar is a colorful town with a modern marina and a picturesque promenade.

        Worth to see:

        • Church of St. Martin with a bell
        • 13th century church of virgin mary in roman style
        • Main and Small city gates

          Day 6

          Departure at 10.00. Transfer to Umag (18 nm).

          On the way – a stop for swimming.

          Swiming mooring near the city center.

          Worth to see:

          Church of the Holy Rock of 1514
          City Embankment

          Day 7

          Departure at 10.00. Transfer to Porto San Rocco Marina in Muggia (18 nm).

          On the way, stop at the Strunjan nature park for swimming.

          Muggia has everything that makes it a charming Italian city – a cozy old center, a picturesque fishing port, a small town square with a town hall and church, and a castle on the mountain.

          Worth to see:

          • Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin of the X century with the Archaeological Park Castrum Muglae
          • Muggia Castle of the XVI century.

            Day 8

            • Yacht check out no late then 09.00. Transfer to an airport.

            You can also rent the whole  yacht with captain or without  at dates convinient for you.

            *Useful:  Frequently asked questions about life and relaxation on a yacht