One day tour

Day tours are perhaps the most democratic of all that we have proposed.

We offer two main directions – a transition to the Miramare Castle or a transition to the city of Piran. We conduct day trips on our own sailing yacht Elan 38 “Palau”.

During our day trip on a yacht you can:

  • sail, learn to moor, steer a yacht
  • admire Miramare castle or Piran from the water
  • take a swim from the yacht and get a wonderful sea tan
  • try our captain’s specialties during lunch on board

Tour reviews can be found on our Faceebook page.

Booking: by phone +386 40 415 155 (Alexandra) or send a request on this page or by e-mail to [email protected]

When and where

Time: A tour starts at 10.00  and finish at 18.00.

Our yacht is starting from  marina Porto San Rocco, near the Italian city of Mugia at the eastern tip of the Gulf of Trieste, a few kilometers from the Slovenian border. Be sure to bring your passport with you!
Address: Strada Provinciale 14, 3, 34015 Muggia TS, Italy
Pontoon M, place 17. Yacht Elan 38 “Palau”

Parking: there is a parking lot near the marina where you can park your car. The cost of 1 hour is 1.60 euros, the cost for 1 day is 6 euros.
Google maps coordinates (parking):
Please use the parking indicated on the map, it is the closest to our boat.


Sailing Routes

  • Miramare Castle, which means “looking at the sea”. Indeed, the castle was built on a cliff protruding into the sea, and as if waiting for a ship from distant wanderings. Gothic architecture and Renaissance art were combined in Miramar Castle, it was built in 1860 by the architect Karl Junker in the medieval Scottish style, on the orders of the Austrian Archduke Maximilian.
  • Piran is an ancient city whose main architecture dates back to the times of the Venetian Republic and the Renaissance, the most beautiful city on the Slovenian coast.
    We warn you that if you want to take a walk around the city, then you need to pay 20 Euros for parking in the city marina, this money is not included in the cost of the day tour and is shared among the participants in the tour.

If you have already seen Miramare and Piran, you just want to sail or swim in a cozy bay directly from the yacht, you can always change the route, of course, provided that everyone agrees.


You need to prepare for any trip! You will need:

  1. Shoes with light soles are a must for any yachtsman!
  2. Sunscreen cream
  3. Haddress
  4. Towel
  5. Swimsuit
  6. In spring and autumn, you need a windbreaker, light pants
  7. Bathing accessories – masks, flippers, snorkels, boards and circles for swimming, etc. 

    The cost of a day yacht tour

    • Adult – 75 euros
    • Child – 35 euros
    • Rent a whole yacht with a captain (up to 8 people) – 400 euros
      The price of a day tour includes:
    • yacht charter and captain services
    • fuel
    • water, tea, fruits on board
    • lunch, but you can always bring something tasty with you, as in the fresh air, especially in children, a good appetite wakes up.

    Vacation with children

    Your children will be delighted with the day spent on board the yacht, from swimming in the open sea, the opportunity to learn how to set sail and steer a yacht, to feel like real sea wolves!
    For children, there are life jackets on the yacht and a safety net is pulled on board, rest is quite safe with children of any age.

    Amenities on a yacht

    • The yacht has a toilet, a hot shower, and a deck shower to wash off salt water after bathing
    • In cabins you can leave things and change clothes, put the kids to bedtime
    • The kitchen has a gas stove, refrigerator, dishes
    • The yacht also has an awning, if you want to stay in the shade, you can always get under it. He will also shelter you from the rain.
    • You can sunbathe right on the deck, swim from the side of the yacht. There is a ladder for boarding a yacht, and a life buoy for safety.


    You will get acquainted with the layout of the yacht and see photos on the page Description of the yacht

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