Our route begins in the small Italian town of Muggia, where our yacht stands in Porto Dan Rocco marina. From here we start to the Slovenian city of Piran, built in the Venetian style and rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Adriatic. Next we will find colorful Venice, where we will stay in the marina Santelena within walking distance from Piazza San Marco.

After a day trip on a yacht, we will stop in the town of Caorle, the hallmark of which is the town square with colorful houses and a bell tower on the promenade. Even after Venice you will be surprised by the fabulous architecture of the old center of Grado, where we will go further. The cherry on the cake of our trip will be a visit to Miramare Castle.

Duration 8 days / 7 nights.
Length of route: 130 miles.


Do you ready to book the yacht?

мы пришлём договор и счёт. После внесения предоплаты яхта забронирована.

Do you ready to book the yacht?

мы пришлём договор и счёт. После внесения предоплаты яхта забронирована.

Day 1.  Saturday.

Arrival toLjubljana, Venice or Verona, transfer to the marina of San Rocco in Muggia. Accomodation, purchase of products.

General briefing. Safety briefing and basic yacht management.

The first departure to the sea at 16.00. Go to the city of Piran (10 miles).

A marina parking lot in the city center opposite Tartini Square.

Piran is the most picturesque city on the Slovenian coast: a small port, Tartini Square with colorful houses, a lighthouse church on the cape, narrow streets purged by the wind – you will fall in love with this town.

Worth to see:

  • Giuseppe Tartini Square
  • St. George’s Cathedral
  • Fortress walls

Day 2.  Sunday.

Departure at 06.00. Boat trip to Venice (49 miles).

During the transition – training in sailing yacht management.

Parking at Santelena Marina in the city center.



Day 3. Monday.

A whole day in Venice.

Venice is worth staying longer. Despite the floods and crowds of tourists, Venice rightfully bears the title of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

What to see:

  • St. Mark’s Square with a bell tower and San Marco Cathedral
  • Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace)
  • Grande Canal and Rialto Bridge
  • Numerous churches: San Zaccaria, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria della Salute, San Giorgio Maggiore, etc.
  • Other islands of the lagoon: Torcello, Murano, Judecca, San Giorgi


Day 4.  Tuesday.

Departure at 10.00. Transfer to Caorle (26 miles).

Parking in the marina near the city center.

Caorle is an incredibly colorful town. Swans will meet you in the marina, and the city center will pleasantly surprise you as if with toy houses and the town hall building. Be sure to stroll along the promenade along the sandy beach and admire the Church of the Virgin and the lighthouse.

Worth to see:

  • The Saber of St. Stefano of the 11th century and the Palo d’Oro – the golden altar.
  • The bell tower of the cathedral is 48 meters high.
  • Church of the Virgin on the cape
  • Duno Verde Beach is 15 km long.



Day 5. Wednesday.


Departure at 10.00. Transfer to Grado (22 miles).

Grado is another wonderful city in this region with an incredible old center, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales. We will stop in the central marina, walking along a picturesque canal among fishing boats.

Worth to see:

  • Basilica of St. Euthymius
  • Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Baptistery
  • Great Grado Beach, awarded the blue flag.


Day 6. Thursday.

Departure at 10.00. Transfer to Marina Grignano near Miramare Castle. (19 miles). A visit to the castle and a walk in the park.

The castle in medieval Scottish style was built in the 1856-1860s by order of the Austrian Archduke and his wife Charlotte of Belgium. Around the castle is a garden of exotic plants.

Transfer to Porto San Rocco Marina in Muggia (6 miles).


Day 7. Friday.

Deaparture at 10.00. Transfer to the city of Trieste (4 miles).

Trieste has something to watch for lovers of history and beautiful architecture, and there is also wonderful shopping and the world’s best coffee. For many centuries, Trieste was the sea gate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where enterprising merchants built coffee roasting factories, and after that appeared numerous coffee houses. Be sure to have a cup of coffee with one of Trieste desserts. Tired of walking, you can look at the only beach in Europe, divided into male and female halves – there is a wall on the beach that goes into the sea.

Worth to see:

  • ruins of ancient Roman buildings
  • ancient basilica of San Giusto with tomb
  • San Giusto castle of the 15th century.
  • Return to Porto San Rocco Marina in Muggia (4 miles).


Day 8. Saturday.

Disembarkation is no later than 09.00. Airport transfer.

Those who wish can stroll around the town of Muggia, within walking distance from the marina of Porto San Rocco.

Muggia has everything that makes it a charming Italian city – a cozy old center, a picturesque fishing port, a small town square with a town hall and church and a castle on the mountain.

Worth to see:

  • Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin of the X century with the Archaeological Park Castrum Muglae
  • Muggia Castle of the 16th century.