1. Меня будет укачивать?

Only about 2 percent of people suffer from seasickness – they are cradled as soon as they step on board. For the remaining 98%, their well-being depends on the behavior on board. If during the movement of the yacht is on the deck, help in managing the yacht, steer – then you will not be sick. The sailing yacht in terms of pitching is much more comfortable than boats and motor yachts due to sails and keel. In addition, the captain has his own arsenal of struggle against seasickness in the crew – the choice of the optimal course in the wind and wave, the right breakfast, lemonade or vitamin C, and to whom and cognac a mug …

2. If we get into the storm?

Experienced sailors joke: “What makes a good skipper in a storm of 9 points? “He’s sitting at the bar and drinking beer!” Thanks to weather forecasts, we can adjust the route so as not to get into the storm. Remaining in the marina (port for yachts), you can rent a car and go on a visit to nearby attractions.

Well, in case of calm, the yacht has a motor.

3. What facilities are on a yacht?

The yacht has double and triple cabins with beds and a closet for clothes, there are blankets, pillows, bed linen, towels. There are toilets and hot showers. The kitchen has a refrigerator, gas stove, necessary utensils for cooking and serving, a supply of fresh water and products for several days. In the wardroom there is a sofa and a table that can accommodate 7-8 people, in the cockpit on the deck there are seats and a table.
You can swim right from the yacht; there is a ladder and a shower with fresh water on the deck. And sunbathing – right on the deck.
On the yacht, everything is very compact, but thoughtful, and therefore comfortable.
You can see photos of the yacht in a section “Yacht Description “.

4. How is your day on a yacht?

Relaxing on a sailing yacht is a leisurely journey. The average daily crossing is 3-5 hours, during this time we go on average from 15 to 30 miles (28-50 km), which is enough to get to the next beautiful city or bay, to swim, dine at sea, and comfortably get on night. Usually at night we stand in a marina in a beautiful town or in an anchored bay. In a week, we average 100-150 miles.
The usual schedule: rise at 8.00 in the morning, breakfast, swimming or a walk around the city, access to the sea at 10.00. Those who wish help the captain in the management of the yacht. At 13.00-14.00 – stop for lunch in the bay and swimming, at 16.00-17.00 we arrive at the parking lot – in the marina or bay. In the evening, you can walk around the city or the surrounding area, go fishing, swim, sing songs with a guitar, drink wine in the long distance to enjoy live chat.

 5. How is catering arranged on a yacht?

Before starting the trip, the captain agrees with the team a list of products, trying to take into account the wishes of all. Further, products for a week are bought at the nearest supermarket, and fresh bread, fruits and especially favorite goodies are bought during parking in cities. As a rule, the team has breakfast and lunch on a yacht, dinners – in a restaurant on the beach, or on a yacht.
The kitchen on the yacht – the galley – is equipped with a special stove on the suspension, which allows you to cook even with pitching or roll. There is also a refrigerator, all the necessary utensils. By tradition, the captain arranges a captain’s dinner when he prepares his specialties for the team. And always ready to help cook something fast and tasty.

6. What are the additional costs for a yacht?

In addition to the space on the yacht, all participants contribute money to the cash desk for food, parking at the marinas, final cleaning of the yacht, fuel (the yacht is returned with a full tank), additional costs – outboard motor, beach towels, spinnaker, etc. The cash desk is managed by the treasurer, who was chosen by the creew.
The average fee per person is 150-200 euros per person per week, and depends on the number of people on board.

A security deposit is also paid, which is fully refunded at the end of the sailinfig nothing is broken or lost on the yacht. On our yacht, the deposit is 900 euros from the whole team.

7. Do I need experience?

Sailing on a yacht is primarily a vacation, the captain manages the yacht. Before the start of the trip, the captain holds a general briefing, where he talks about safe behavior on the yacht, the route, and learns the wishes of the team. He also teaches everyone who wishes the basics of managing a yacht: moving away from the berth, raising and setting up sails, managing a yacht, mooring.

You do not need a special equipment – only shoes on a light non-slip sole, a windbreaker and a cap from the sun. Read more in the article “How to prepare for a trip on a yacht.”.