First of all, you need to decide what you expect from the rest and which company you are going to relax.

You can feel the sea and learn how to manage in a circle of friends on a yacht of any size: from 30-foot two-cabin yachts for a family to 50-foot yards, which can accommodate up to 10 people on board. For a romantic trip, two small yachts are suitable for two. If maximum comfort for any company is important to you – most likely you will like to go on a two-hull yacht – a catamaran. The catamaran is also relevant for those who are afraid of seasickness – it feels less pitching and tilt during the course and anchoring.

When planning a trip, remember: if you hire a captain, he will need a separate cabin or a place in the cabin.


On any cruise yacht, the organization of living space creates all the conditions for a comfortable accomodation. The increase in size not only allows you to take on board more guests, but also determines the level of comfort. For yachts, 40 feet is a high-quality line that makes interior planning more convenient – a convenient galley (kitchen) along the side, a comfortable cabin, a large number of drawers and shelves, many windows and hatches provide good lighting and ventilation, a spacious cockpit on the deck. Such yachts also carry a large supply of fresh water and fuel. Yachts from 47 feet are similar to floating hotels – spacious cabins equipped with deck chairs for places on the upper deck, the allocation of zones in the mess room, etc.

The above is true for charter yachts. But there are so-called Owner layout options. Such yachts are made for the maximum comfort of owners and their feature is a master cabin: in yachts they occupy the bow, in catamarans they usually have the entire float. So if you choose the maximum comfort and have the means – these are options for you.

Catamarans are traditionally considered more comfortable both due to the lack of pitching, and the division of the internal space into 2 floats and the area above them, including the kitchen (galley), dining room (cabin company) and the navigator table. All this allows you to compare the rest on a catamaran with the rest in a comfortable villa on the beach.


If you have planned a route with a lot of transitions, you should choose a high-speed yacht. The speed of a monohull vessel depends not only on the strength of the engine or wind, but on the length: a small charter yacht will not make more than 5 knots (9-9.5 km / h), and a cruising speed of 43-45 feet is already about 7 knots (13 km / h)., Two-hull catamarans are not so dependent on the length of the hull – they cut the wave with floats, reducing water resistance and increasing speed. Traditionally, the yachts of the manufacturers Dufour, Jeanneau and Beneteau among single hulls and Catana among catamarans are distinguished by their speed in the charter category.


There are several factors affecting the cost of a boat:

First of all, the region. Depending on the region. Turkey and Croatia remain the most inexpensive.

Seasonality Prices can be increased up to 50%. In each region, the best weather conditions.

Yacht manufacturer. Bavaria and Hanse, the optimal ratio of comfort, speed and price – from manufacturers Dufour, Beneteau. The Nautitech catamarans, as well as Catana and Leopard, are invariably pleasing.

Manufacture date

The year of manufacturing of the yacht or the year of renovation also affects the cost of the charter and your comfortable stay on board.